Wing Chun Terminology
Sao = Hand/arm technique.
Jong Sao = Fighting hand.

Variations of Jong Sao, starting with the three seeds.
Fook Sao = Lying in wait hand, hiding hand, controlling and beating up hand, upper bridge hand.
Tan Sao =Spreading hand (usually palm upwards).
Bong Sao = Wing hand.

Flowering of the Seeds.
Lop sao = Pulling hand.
Jum Sao = Jamming hand.
Wu sao = Protecting hand.
Huen Sao = Rotating or circling hand.
Bill Jee Sao = Thrusting forward hand.
Fak Sao = Whisking/swinging hand.
Lan Sao = Blocking hand.
Pak sao = Slap hand.
Gum Sao = Pinning/pressing hand.
Tok Sao = Snapping up/lifting hand.
Tut Sao = Freeing hand.
Jut Sao = Jerking hand.
Garn Sao = Cutting hand.
Qwan Sao = Rotating hand bloc.k
Da = hit/strike.
Kuen = Fist/fist fighting.
Fon Sao = Continuous controlling and striking hand techniques.
Jarn = Elbow.
Chum Jarn = Sinking elbow (found in many Wing Chun techniques).
Kop Jarn = Vertical downward elbow.
Jing Jeung = Straight palm.
Wang Jeung = Side palm.
Ma = Stance (Horse).

Variations of Ma Horse Stance.
Jing Ma = First stance, Siu Lim Tao Ma, neutral balance stance.
Huen Ma = Rotating or circling stance.
Chor Ma = Sitting stance, right or left stance, Chum Kiu Ma.
Biu Ma = Thrusting forward stance, Biu Jee Ma.
Sip Ma = Stepping into enemy’s stance.
Yiu Ma = Waist stance.
Gerk = Leg.
Tek = Kick.
Jek Tek = Front kick.
Hay Tsuk Geuk = Side kick.
Sum Fat = Heart law, distilled experience (Very simple translation).
Jung Sin = Centre line.
Yuen Day = Original position.
Msai Li Gung = Go from original position, don’t pull back.
Yuen day hoi chee = Start from original position.

Siu Lim Tao = Little Idea Form, first form.
Chum Kiu = Bridging Form, second form.
Biu Jee = Thrusting Fingers Form, third form.
Mook Yang Jong = Wooden dummy form.
Bart Jam Dao = Butterfly Knife form, Eight Chop Knife.
Look Dim Boon Gwan = Six and a half point Pole form.

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